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WALTRONICS, Inc., founded in 1965, is backed by over 45 years of industrial design, retrofits, and service experience.  Starting Plastic Fasteners Distributors is an off-spring of our service to help our customers get their work done with the best support.

Plastic Fasteners Distributors services the manufacturing industry by providing High Quality Products in large volumes for high volume production.  These customers must have a business license and provide us with a Tax ID Number and will not be charged sales taxes for their orders.

BROKEN LOTS purchasing is for the non-commercial and commercial customer that wants small volume sourcing.  These customers may buy small quantities of BROKEN LOTS parts should those items be available.  Sales Taxes will be added to those orders.  These items must be ordered through the on-line self-ordering processes on that website and pre-paid through PayPal on-line payments.

Plastic Fasteners Distributors provides top-notch American-Made -- Plastic Parts, Fasteners, Hole Plugs, Injection Molded Products, with Multi-Vendor sources, personalized-customer support, and prices that are guaranteed to be some of the lowest in this industry.  In fact, you show us an official quote from another vendor, and we will do our best to do better on the pricing !

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Plastic Fasteners Distributors has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

If you find that we cannot help you after contacting, e-mailing, or FAXing us with your needs, please send us a comment form and tell us where we failed.  We will seriously take your comments and strive to improve anywhere we must.  WE WANT TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS.


Contact  Plastic Fasteners Distributors   by FAX, Form, or request a QUOTE --- today.

or e-mail us:   sales@pf-dist.com   FAX:  303-600-7028

We hope you give us a chance to help you.       


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